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Hostmax is thrilled to introduce an unbeatable cloud storage offer with the added advantage of lightning-fast upload speeds, boasting an impressive 1000 megabits per second. This high-speed connectivity ensures swift and efficient data transfer, making your cloud storage experience even more seamless. Whether you're utilizing our app for phone backups or syncing your various devices with the Nextcloud app, you can count on Hostmax to deliver exceptional performance.

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Our Hosting


If you’re expecting your site to grow or fluctuate dramatically, a high level of scalability means you can smoothly transition without migrating to a new solution.


Just what it sounds like. A high rating usually means there’s less technical knowledge required, while something rated low will require a lot of manual control.


Very flexible solutions give you access to more ways to build your site or app. Less flexible options will have limits on what software or access is allowed.


This represents the solution’s computing power – how well it handles heavy loads and complex tasks. But note: Your code affects performance as well. 

Thinking of migrating from your current host? 
Switching to us is easy and quick, typically we can move over your site in matter of minutes including data and emails.
Here's how easy it is.
Typically our customers use built in data migration tool found  in the Control panel but if you need help we are here 24/7 to help you.

We establish the swap over date.
With your current Cpanel credentials we login to your account and transfer your services over to us

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We backup all your data to our cloud and test your services on our network. Sometimes this can take up to several hours depending on the size of your website

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After everything checks out you will receive an email from us explaining any changes in login details (see here).
And its simple as that.

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Our one click install and manage solutions

WordPress theme authors to host their fonts locally

The WordPress Themes team is ready to change its guidelines on remote hosting Google Fonts. Theme authors are urged to host their fonts locally. …

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.AU Domain. Did you get yours?

Australians can now obtain a simpler slice of the internet for their hosting needs. The .au direct Top Level Domain (TLD) is available to existing …

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What is IPv6?

IPV6 is internet protocol version 6, which is used in the IP layer of TCP/IP protocol suite to identify each device connected to the internet, …

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Included With our Premium Plans

Virtualmin CP

Virtualmin is a powerful and flexible web hosting control panel for Linux and BSD systems.

Email Protection

All emails are scanned for spam and viruses at the point of entry into our network.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

The availability of your website is our top priority. We stand by that fact with our uptime guarantee policy.

One Click Apps

Use our One Click Apps console to install the very best of web applications including
- WordPress
-and many more

24/7 Site Monitoring

Our network is monitored 24/7 allowing you to rest assured that your site is in the best hands. 

No Coding

Our web hosting platform is fully geared up and ready to run the latest and greatest programming scripts and languages.

We recommend adding Ox Email Suite to your hosting plan if you are a heavy E-mail user.

It is a cost effective solution and it will make sure all your emails are backed up automatically while keeping spam out of your mailbox 24/7
Prices start at only $3.95/Month

We are directly involved in t​he process

Management is involved in every project every step of the way, from start to finish.

free antivirus software with any plan

TotalAV is regarded as one of the best antivirus products on the market. It’s designed to scan your computer for malware and stop any incoming threats from being downloaded.

Hostmax offers free Total AV licence with any plan.
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