About Us

We are small business driven by passion for quality customer service and products provided. Hostmax was a side project for many years that we used as a alternative Cloud solution connecting mostly closer family and enabling us to share photos, videos and importand documents between us without exposing our data to the third party.

That is exactly how the idea came to life.

In today's world, internet presence is everywhere, We have been saying for years that a simple I.P. number will become our digital fingerprint, we are interlinked with one another in more ways than you could imagine, especially since the implementation of IPV6. That is why it is so important to know where exactly your data is stored, in our case Hostmax servers are located in Redcliffe, Queensland.

We use Amazon S3 for emergency data backup only and all data sent to Amazon is fully encrypted (SHA2 Protocol) and cannot be read by a third party.

We want to offer to you as a customer the same level of privacy and security that our family had been enjoying for years.